Diyarbakir (Southeastern Turkey, 2012). I met this friendly old Kurdish man and his family in some backstreet during a rare rainy afternoon. Glad I didn’t stay in my hotel room sulking. Which I do sometimes on rainy afternoons. Note to self: sulking doesn’t result in great pictures.

As soon as I saw him and the red wall behind him, I knew I wanted his portrait. I got lucky. Before I could say a word, I was asked to sit down and have some tea. An hour and four cups of tea later, I took a few portrait shots. He’s wearing traditional Kurdish baggy trousers. Unfortunately, his wife has passed away. Which explains the empty chair.

After that, his daughter and son-in-law took me and my wife on a free tour through the old part of the city. Whatever bad things they tell you about Diyarbakir and Kurdish people in general in other parts of Turkey - don’t  believe a word of it. Just go there.

1/160s, f/3.2, ISO 400.

Watch my hi-res portfolio here:


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